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494/169 Design-Build

SW Metro Minneapolis, MN

Objective: Reconstruct the most heavily traveled interchange in Minnesota while maintaining optimal traffic flow and minimal congestion over the course of two years.

Challenges: Many, including overcoming a State Government shutdown in mid-summer 2011 during the height of construction season as well as orchestrating coordination with all major utility owners to completely relocate all facilities in the corridor to a joint trench option.

Structures: 9 new bridges, 3 bridge widenings, 30 retaining walls and 55,000 sf of wood noise wall.

Scope: 4.5 million lbs. of new structural steel for bridges, 4.2 million lbs. of rebar, 45,000 cubic yards of structural concrete and 37,000 cubic yards of pavement concrete.

Result: The 494/169 Design-Build was completed on time and on budget.


  • AASHTO National "Under-Budget" Winner $25 - 200 Million Category 
  • MnDOT Safety Award
  • MnDOT Bridge Award


SW Metro Minneapolis, MN
Contract Value: 
McCrossan/Kraemer Joint Venture